One of the usual reasons to get a server of your own is the fact that you shall have comprehensive control over the software environment and you'll be able to install anything you need. This will allow you to run programs that require certain software in order to be present on the hosting server, which is not possible with a shared web hosting server where you'll be able to install software only in the account, but not on a root level. If you are not very familiar with such matters, however, you could face difficulties as managing a hosting server of your own differs from managing a regular shared web hosting account. In this light, we offer an upgrade with our server packages called Installation & Troubleshooting, thus our administrators will be able to take care of different tasks that should be performed or can resolve many problems that you may face.

Installation and Troubleshooting in VPS Web Hosting

The upgrade can be acquired with all virtual private server packages which we offer and you'll be able to add it either during the signup or at any time after via your billing CP. It features an hour of custom work on your web server, so our admins can assist you with software installation or setup. They can also troubleshoot any piece of software which you have already installed in the event that it doesn't work efficiently, so you won't have to waste time to discover what's wrong as they can help you in a very quick and expert way. As this is a one-time upgrade, you'll be able to get it just if you need it and if a particular task takes less time, the remaining minutes will be available for the future and won't be reset in the end of the month. This upgrade is useful if you can't do something by yourself or when you have our Managed Services upgrade, but the thirty minutes of custom work it includes are not enough for a particular task.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

You'll be able to take advantage of our service at any moment if you have a dedicated server from our company and you'll be able to include it in your plan with only a few clicks. If you need some custom work on the web hosting server right from the start, for instance, you can obtain the upgrade alongside the plan during the signup process, or you could obtain it from your billing area if you need help at some point later. The Installation & You with any task that you can't carry out on your own for one reason or another - install a script, set it up or troubleshoot it. That way, you could concentrate on building your websites without wasting time on web server maintenance or software issues as our seasoned staff will take care of these things for you. You'll be able to add the upgrade as many times as you need it and in case some time remains, it will be listed inside your billing CP, so you'll be able to use it whenever you need it again.